Meet Christopher Brennan, Music Library Reserves Coordinator

Christopher Brennan joined the UCLA Music Library last year as its new reserves coordinator. We asked Christopher several questions about bringing his deep Library knowledge to this new role.Christopher Brennan

What goals/hopes do you have for this year as our new Music Library reserves coordinator?
Among others, I would like to explore and promote the Music Library’s burgeoning popular music collection. I also hope to find new and fun ways to support my colleagues throughout, with the Music Library’s technology, spaces, and energy. Finally, I hope to find new collaborative opportunities to share and support music initiatives campus-wide.

How has your prior experience prepared you for this role at the UCLA Library?
I’ve been privileged to serve over 20 years with the UCLA Library, in a variety of roles. These roles have at times supported technical services, access services, building services and more. Recently I completed training and joined the UCLA Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). I believe that these roles and experiences have prepared me to engage, support, and help lead the Music Library, in terms of people, space, and service management.

What things will you be tackling first?
I look forward to engaging and supporting a large number of Music Library programs and initiatives in the coming years. Among others, I will continue to help grow and develop our digital reserves capabilities, I will help and plan and execute the move of the YRL music collection, and I will continue to serve and support the User Engagement Collections team. I am also participating in the 2020 Staff Enrichment Program (SEP).

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to?
My daughter turned 3 this past January, so I have found myself with considerably less time to enjoy media than I used to. That being said, the little screen time I get these days is largely devoted to highlights from the Barclays Premier League! My listening habits, thankfully, are less encumbered. Of late I have been enjoying the works of SUNN O))), Barker, They Might Be Giants, Nina Simone, Tyler Chiu, Swans, Ralph Towner, Burial, Lenard Simpson, Godflesh, and Sade. The Lebrobra record (featuring Wadada Leo Smith, Andrew Cyrille, and Bill Frisell) is rather good as well. Finally, of late I have been reading through the Fantagraphics Disney Masters series, featuring the artistic talents of Romano Scarpa, Paul Murray, Daan Jippes and others.

We're delighted to have Christopher serving Music Library patrons in his new role. You can reach him at