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Shelby Hallman, physical sciences and engineering librarian

Shelby Hallman

I’m excited to join the UCLA Library as the physical sciences and engineering librarian! My main goal is to act as a connector between the Library and the physical sciences and engineering students, faculty and staff. I hope to be a bridge, sharing information and services, while also developing new relationships and opportunities to engage with the physical sciences and engineering disciplines. I’m also excited to work with folks across the Library on projects to support UCLA students.

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Kimi Taira, postgraduate preventative conservator

Kimi Taira

My goals are to learn from folks across UCLA and to support initiatives that reinforce access with stewardship of our library. Collections care is a community responsibility, especially since UCLA has such vast and diverse holdings across campus! It's helpful to connect with as many folks as I can who are already part of this effort and work with others who can help. Also, while I'm here to advocate for practices to prevent accidents or damage from happening, I am working on our emergency response program as related to the Library's collection care needs.

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Sumin Kim, Korea Foundation visiting librarian

I’m very excited to join the UCLA Library’s East Asian Library. As a Korea Foundation visiting librarian, I hope to contribute to the Korean collection by assisting my supervisors. I would like to experience the library system of UCLA and find a good way to introduce the Korean collection to researchers. It is important to build a good collection so that users can access it anytime they want. I’m really happy to participate in the management of the Korean collection.

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Anthony Sharp, music metadata specialist

I am excited to work and collaborate with the Resource Acquisitions & Metadata Services team, and look forward to gaining a broader understanding of music cataloging and the vocabularies that support it. I hope to spend time learning about linked data and how it will be used to improve discoverability of Library music materials.

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Nicole Alvarado, book and paper conservator

My main goal for this year is to treat books and flat work from the Preservation & Conservation department backlog so that researchers and professors can access the material for their studies. I also would like to help with furthering education wherever I can in providing handling trainings, workshops and preservation education for other Library staff or students.

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