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Sally Márquez, assistant director of communications and digital content

I’m looking forward to elevating and amplifying diverse stories across UCLA Library to connect the campus and wider community to the significant impact of Library work. There is so much to share, from the individual features of the many physical locations to the expansive collections and materials contained within them. Not to mention the innovative programs and events! I’m hoping to build relationships and an infrastructure that allows us to highlight the uniquely human aspects of the Library. I’m excited to meet and learn from my remarkable colleagues about what inspires them about their work. Ultimately, I can't wait to begin collaborating on new ways of sharing information across different platforms.

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Amanda Salazar, public programmer at the UCLA Film and Television Archive

I would like to start out by getting to know and work closely with the wonderful Archive staff and team to continue to build on the incredible programming and work that they have been doing. From there, my goals are to bring my passion and interest to the work, creating programs that engage with new audiences and showcase diverse perspectives. I think of programming as a kind of conduit between art and audience, so in many ways the goal would be to have a captivating and meaningful experience that feels seamless. I am very passionate about the connection made between audiences and the work, so I am thrilled to be able to program when we are all collectively gathering together again.

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