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Molly Hemphill, medical education librarian

I hope to focus on building relationships with my new Science Libraries colleagues and contributing positively to the culture of the department. I plan on working to set a strong foundation for liaising with the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and acclimate to the medical education environment at UCLA. I’m excited to enhance my reference, outreach and instruction skills and I’m ready to jump into learning the ins and outs of medical librarianship.

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Lane Goldszer, Arts Library collections coordinator

My goal for this year is to gain a holistic overview of the Arts Library’s collections and e-resources, especially the new digital resources like Digital Theater Plus and Bloomsbury International Encyclopedia of Surrealism. My hope is that I can deepen my knowledge of our resources and collections to support student and faculty research of all kinds. I'm also excited to learn from and get to know my colleagues!

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Maggie Tarmey, geography, maps and economics librarian

In my first year, my primary goal is to establish strong and positive working relationships with my colleagues across the UCLA Library system in order to establish a solid foundation for my future in this role. There are people working here in the Library with a wide array of backgrounds and experiences, and I know I have so much to learn from them. I want to learn who I can collaborate with not only within my department, but across the entire library system for instruction, reference, outreach and other work.

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Elizabeth Lhost, program manager for the Modern Endangered Archives Program

I’m excited to be part of the MEAP team and to contribute to its amazing, post-custodial collection-building work. As someone who loves digging into archives and collections, I’m excited by the ever-expanding possibilities of digital technologies to make rare and unique collections available and openly accessible to new audiences of scholars, researchers, students, and community members. My goal in this role is therefore to support the MEAP project teams and to make their projects a success.

I have a background in international and area studies, so I’m especially passionate about making sure non-English-language materials aren’t overlooked in the move toward digitization. As program manager, I’ll be putting these commitments into action to support MEAP-sponsored projects around the world.

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Michelle Li, humanities and social sciences librarian

I hope to connect with folks in the campus libraries, faculty members, and the thriving student community at UCLA. UCLA is my alma mater, and I’m excited to work behind the scenes to help provide an engaging and safe learning environment on campus!

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Maile Chung, postgraduate assistant conservator

I am so excited to come aboard the Preservation & Conservation Department to work with audiovisual materials. I hope to work with items that provide glimpses of everyday life and experiences from different eras, as well as preserve home movies, oral histories and all kinds of types of similar materials. One day I'll hopefully be able to identify the people in them as well!

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Layton Hebert, senior film projectionist at the UCLA Film & Television Archive

As senior studio projectionist, I intend to uphold UCLA Film & Television Archive’s place at the very pinnacle of cinematic preservation and exhibition. I also hope to modernize or improve upon certain hardware and software elements in the Billy Wilder Theater’s world-class projection booth. The goal of a projectionist is always to deliver a perfect show to the audience. My definition of a perfect show is one where the audience never once considers the presence of a projectionist and is thus able to be completely immersed in the diegetic effect of the cinema.

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