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Building accessible collections that advance student and faculty research is core to UCLA Library’s mission. Equally important is training researchers on the most effective ways to use these materials. That’s why each quarter, the UCLA Library presents a series of workshops designed to help researchers succeed with their papers, projects, and other scholarly endeavors.

Recently the Library reached more than 400 students across 16 programs. From Finding Resources at the UCLA Library to Managing Intellectual Property and Writing a Literature Review to Plotting and Programming in Python (presented as a part of the annual UC-wide Geographic Information Systems week), workshops either showcase Library content or introduce tools, methods, and workflows that demonstrate ways to design research projects or processes from collecting (or finding) data, through analysis, and, ideally, sharing or publication.

Surveys have indicated that students felt more capable as researchers following Library workshops, and as an added benefit, most programs are recorded and archived for students and faculty to watch asynchronously at their convenience via the Library’s website.

Wrote one student: “I was a novice Scrivener user who had dabbled in the program but did not know how to utilize it for research. This session made me want to become more competent with it in order to optimize my writing and organization. Great tips and tricks to get us off the launchpad and build confidence in the program.”