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Please join us in welcoming Maile Chung to her new role as post-graduate assistant conservator in the Preservation & Conservation Department!

We asked her a few questions about her new role:

What goals do you have for this year as our new post-graduate assistant conservator?

I am so excited to come aboard the Preservation & Conservation Department to work with audiovisual materials. I hope to work with items that provide glimpses of everyday life and experiences from different eras, as well as preserve home movies, oral histories and all kinds of types of similar materials. One day I'll hopefully be able to identify the people in them as well!

How has your prior experience prepared you for this role at UCLA Library?

While working towards my Master’s in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS) at the University of Washington, I was the Museum Collections Specialist at the Northwest Nikkei Museum to help preserve living memories of community members in the Japanese American community in Seattle. The Northwest Nikkei Museum had an archives, special collections and a library. While I was there, I was creating a strategic plan for a rare book library as well. With my background in community museums, I have handled all types of items in all types of conditions.

What projects will you be tackling first?

Currently, I am inventorying the Harvey Sacks collection, which has about 17 boxes of audiovisual materials mostly containing open reel audio. Then I will be digitizing audio cassettes from the Hyung-Ju Ahn Collection, which holds audio cassettes of Korean American oral histories. As a Korean American, this collection has been really fun to listen to.

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to? What do you like to do outside of work?

I recently saw Paramore in concert and cannot get over how amazing they were live and I’ve been listening to their discography on repeat! Outside of work I like to take naps with my cat, Gibby, and explore new neighborhoods.

What is your preferred name and what are your pronouns?

My preferred name is Maile (pronounced like Miley) and I use she/they interchangeably. I can’t wait to see you around :)