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Advance Open Scholarship and Knowledge Creation

We prioritize open and robust access to information and enact policies that advance open knowledge creation.

  • Support continued mandates that funded research results be published openly for public and researcher discovery, use, and re-use.
  • Partner for transformative scholarly communication initiatives with publishing vendors and other organizations that support new models of scholarly output and dissemination.
  • Advocate for and educate our UCLA community about the UC Open Access Policies and the need for scholarly communication transformation.
  • Digitize and provide access to unique cultural heritage materials that support broad access.
  • Support the research data lifecycle, especially data preservation and re-use.
  • Advocate for and integrate research and data skills into courses and curricula.
  • Center open access principles in all activities to further democratize and enhance access to knowledge.
  • Leverage user experience when we develop, revise and maintain our systems that enable content discovery, access and management in all modes of research and instruction.
  • Increase open digital and data resources to support teaching, learning, research and creative output.
  • Build, support and curate content and data representative of our community and the history of Los Angeles and its role as a global city.

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Associated Programs

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    Affordable Course Materials Initiative (ACMI)

    This UCLA Library initiative encourages instructors to use low-cost or free alternatives to expensive course materials and awards successful courses adopting these materials for the first time.
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    Digital Library Program

    The Digital Library Program works across UCLA and with a range of partners to preserve and provide access to cultural heritage materials in support of UCLA’s teaching, research and service mission.
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    UCLA Library Data Science Center

    Working with partners both on and off campus, the UCLA Library Data Science Center (DSC) develops data literacy and foundational coding skills through consultation and education.
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    Scholarly Communication Services

    Explore resources from UCLA Library to help you understand copyright, open access and other questions you may have about publishing your research.

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