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About the Dataverse

UCLA Dataverse allows for the sharing and storage of data from UCLA research. This makes it accessible, discoverable and reusable by the public. The platform also hosts sub-dataverses for different campus groups like schools or departments.

When data is published on UCLA Dataverse, it is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This ensures a stable and standardized reference.

Why Share and Publish Your Data?

There are many benefits to sharing your data on UCLA Dataverse:

  • Boost citations and reputation
  • Improve research transparency
  • Meet funding requirements
  • Promote open science
  • Improve research quality
  • Support data preservation
  • Benefit the entire research community

How Can the Data Science Center Help?

The UCLA Library Data Science Center hosts a plethora of resources for researchers interested in UCLA Dataverse:

  • We can offer advice on how to share your data while preserving the privacy of human respondents.

  • We help to ensure your data will continue to be usable through software and computing equipment changes.

  • We can take the burden off you to manage your data.

For more questions, contact the Data Science Center.

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