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About the Dataverse

Dataverse(opens in a new tab) is a web application designed for sharing, preserving and using research data. The UCLA Dataverse(opens in a new tab) aids UCLA researchers in both the publishing and tracking of data, text software, scripts and visualizations. The data can then be made publicly available, discoverable, linkable and reusable. The UCLA Library Data Science Center can aid university groups in obtaining their own sub-dataverses.

Why Archive Your Data?

  • Preserves your research for the long term.

  • Enables you to share data with other researchers and use data shared by other researchers.

  • Provides wider visibility for your research.

  • Supports secondary analysis of quantitative research.

How Data Archives Can Help

  • Offer advice on how to share your data while preserving the privacy of human respondents.

  • Ensure your data will continue to be usable through changes in software and computing equipment.

  • Take the burden off you to manage your data.

For more questions, contact the UCLA Library Data Science Center.

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