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The UCLA Library Data Science Center supports users throughout the entire data life cycle, including consultation, training and documentation.

We also support computing and software requirements to generate, access, analyze and communicate data. We can help with:

  • Data collection, cleaning and organization
  • Data management and funder requirements
  • Data visualization and analysis


  • Data Consultations: Schedule an appointment(opens in a new tab) with the Data Science Center team for support with data research and other computationally intensive investigations.
  • Workshops and Events: Browse our current data science and coding workshops(opens in a new tab).
  • Software/Tools: Library workstations and laptops are loaded with various software and tools. UCLA's Software Central(opens in a new tab) also provides discounts for university-affiliated individuals to install specific software.
  • Partner with the Library: The Library partners with researchers on projects that utilize Library expertise and resources and support the Library's strategic goals. Current partners included the UCLA Center for Digital Humanities and the UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE). To learn more, contact your department's library liaison.

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