Harold Pichol

man with glasses and hat on beach
Service Desk Technician
  • Digital Initiatives and Information Technology

Ask Me About

  • 70s and 80s Funk Music
  • Game Development & Web Design
  • Mid Century Modern Architecture
  • Software & Hardware


Harold provides help and knowledge with all things Service Desk including but not limited to accounts, computer deployments, software and hardware problems, etc. In the past, Harold has worked for the Los Angeles Public Library system providing technical support to Angelenos and at the School of Music to record students’ performances.

Prior to coming to UCLA, Harold worked as a sound designer in the world of video games, producing sound effects, soundscapes and music from scratch. He also did work as a web developer for years, managing content management systems and creating page customizations.

Harold enjoys making it happen. In his spare time, he likes to ride (bicycle and skateboard), read in the sun and play his instruments.

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