Welcome Christopher Gilman, Digital Curriculum Program Coordinator (DCPC)

Please join us in welcoming Chris Gilman to the UCLA Library as the Digital Curriculum Program Coordinator. Chris will engage students and faculty with Digital Library Program resources. He is currently working remotely and can be reached by email.Christopher Gilman selfie at beach

We asked Chris a few questions about himself and his professional aspirations.   

What goals do you have for this year as our new Digital Curriculum Program Coordinator (DCPC)?

My immediate purpose in this role is to engage students and faculty with the extraordinary resources of the Digital Library Collection and Film and Television Archive in curricular contexts. Toward that end, I will be collaboratively designing learning activities, hosting workshops, and offering consultations. More fundamentally, I seek to promote a coherent collections-based model for curriculum design that is consistent with the distinct qualities of digital content and that aligns course learning goals with information literacy, multimodal communication, and emergent practices of scholarly inquiry.  I am particularly excited to be working in cross-functional teams and learning communities with new colleagues on the teaching and learning staff in the Library, as well as across the UCLA campus. 

How has your prior experience prepared you for this role at the UCLA Library?

My education is in Slavic languages and literatures, and most of my academic and professional experience has involved the creative challenges of integrating new media and technologies with traditional course curriculum in very different institutional settings. From USC’s Institute for Multimedia Literacy to the LAUSD’s Arts Education Branch, and most recently at the Occidental College Center for Digital Liberal Arts, I have paid particular attention to informal communities and institutional mechanisms for support of innovation in learning, using rapidly changing technologies, platforms and practices. 

What projects will you be tackling first?

Currently, I am meeting and speaking with as many people that I can across the units of the library and within the broader UCLA community to understand how the many complex functions of collections access, curriculum design, and learning management are realized in the institution. My first concrete task is to outline a plan for curricular use of resources curated and published by the Digital Library Program for remote instruction, online learning, and blended teaching models. 

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to? What do you like to do outside of work?

As a counter to the hypnotic digital news I receive on my phone, I decided to read only print on paper in the morning, and have lately been binge reading current and back issues of the New York Review of Books and London Review of Books. I walk or bike to the beach most days to swim, or at least watch the waves and gulls. 

We are delighted to have Chris at the UCLA Library. You can contact him at cjgilman@library.ucla.edu