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e-Delivery Service

UCLA Library Special Collections (LSC) e-Delivery is a service that provides low-resolution access images of LSC’s paper-based collection materials to remote users. LSC e-Delivery is available to all researchers, but priority will be given to requests from UCLA community members.

Researchers may request up to 100 pages of access images per individual per month. Access images will be provided in PDF format and restricted to personal research use. LSC cannot fulfill e-delivery requests for oversize items, AV or born-digital materials, fragile items that present significant handling issues and collections with donor or other access restrictions.

To place an LSC e-delivery request, please email LSC staff at in a new tab) to initiate a reference interview.

Duplication Service

LSC offers a fee-based service to provide digital copies of materials for researchers. To place a duplication order, please use the following directions:

  1. Login with your LSC User Account(opens in a new tab) (first-time users will need to register)
  2. Once logged in, search for books using “Library Catalog” in the left menu. To search archival collections, use the “Online Archive of California (OAC)” link in the gold menu near the top of the page.
  3. Find the item(s) you wish to request, click the “Request material” button to bring up a request page and then click on the checkboxes to select your desired boxes, volumes, etc. If the box you want is not listed, please enter the information in “Special Requests" near the bottom of the page.
  4. Click the “Duplication” button and select the format of duplication you would like to receive. Then indicate if this is “For Publication” and the details of your project. In the “Special Requests” field, describe which folders, items, etc. you would like copied.
  5. Click “Submit Request."

Limits have been established to ensure the preservation of the materials (see "Service Fees" below). Duplication requests are accepted pending review by public services staff. Approved requests are processed in the order received.

Questions? Please email us at in a new tab).

Service Fees

The UCLA Library charges fees for special collections services on a cost-recovery basis. UC users are defined as UC faculty, staff and students. Payment in full is required before orders can be delivered.

Access Images for Personal/Research Purposes

Our e-Delivery service provides reference-quality PDFs of clearly identified materials for researchers unable to visit Special Collections. We can take photographs on your behalf for 30 minutes (~100 pages), and there is no charge for the service. For more in-depth research, we ask that you hire a proxy researcher. For a list of persons available to take on research projects for private parties, contact us at (opens in a new tab)(opens in a new tab) in a new tab).

For researchers who can visit Special Collections, you will be permitted to take unlimited access images in the reading room of collection materials without duplication or access restrictions. These images can only be used for personal or research purposes. LSC staff can provide PDF access images of certain collection materials without cost for those unable to image materials during their visit. This service is limited to a maximum of 100 pages.

Digital Images (High-Resolution Scans)

For scanning orders done in-house:

Original scan (flatbed scanner)$15 per image
Original scan (photography)$20 per image
Duplicate scan (digital image already on file)$10 per image
Research fee (if applicable)Waived for the first half-hour; $30 per hour after that

Some jobs must be outsourced to staff at the Southern Regional Library Facility(opens in a new tab) (SRLF) which sets its own prices; a price list(opens in a new tab) is available on its website. Additional charges are listed in the table below:

For outsourced scanning:

Digitization feeDetermined by SRLF Imaging Services
Production fee$30 per order
Research fee (if applicable)Waived for the first half-hour; $30 per hour after that

Duplication of Audio, Film, Videotapes

Note: AV fees are currently waived for access requests. Fees may apply for larger orders and/or publication requests.

Production fee$30 per order
Research feeWaived for the first half-hour; $30 per hour thereafter
Duplication fee: film, videotape, audiotape (outsourced)Determined by vendor

Wire Transfer Fees

In some cases, for invoices totaling more than $500, payment by electronic fund transfer (EFT) may be approved. A fee of $45 per transaction will apply for all users.

Contact Us

For questions about LSC e-delivery and duplication, please email us at (opens in a new tab) in a new tab).

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