Made possible by a gift from Mary Williams

The Mary Williams Endowed Collection in Motion Picture Arts reflects Mrs. Williams's interest in and involvement with the film and television industry. She and her late husband were both originally from Texas, where he studied history in college. Known as Chalky Williams, Mrs. Williams's husband was a well-known character actor in Hollywood in the 1940s, while she ran her own telephone answering service, which catered to celebrities and others who worked for the studios. UCLA's world-renowned School of Theater, Film and Television is the only professional school that formally links these three disciplines, and UCLA's undergraduate film and television program has been ranked the best in the nation. With the generous assistance of Mrs. Williams, the UCLA Library provides historical and contemporary resources on motion pictures to future generations of students and faculty as well as to writers, directors, production managers and researchers in the entertainment industry who make use of the Library's extensive collections.

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