Made possible by a gift from Kin T. Wu and Maxine Yue

Growing up in China, Man-Hing Chen was dissuaded from academic aspirations. However, despite hardships and financial challenges, she studied hard and took the risk of coming to America in search of a new life. She believed that success was inevitable because the word "defeat" was not in her vocabulary; she regarded setbacks as simply a learning experience that made her stronger. In time, Ms. Chen became a successful librarian and the first head of the Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library. Considered a "shining scholar" in her family, she was very proud of her affiliation with UCLA and the Library. She enjoyed her work immensely because it gave her the opportunity to immerse herself in her two passions: Chinese history and books. For these reasons, and to celebrate Ms. Chen’s kindness, caring, and love of life, her niece Maxine Yue and Maxine’s husband, Kin T. Wu, have established the Man-Hing Chen Memorial Endowment. "Our enriched life here in America is possible only because of Auntie Man-Hing’s generosity and dedication," Ms. Yue said. "With her passing, we hope to give a little back to her legacy in our contribution to the East Asian Library."



基於這些原因,也為了紀念陳女士的仁慈、善良和對生命的熱愛,她的侄女Maxine Yue與其丈夫Kin T. Wu建立了陳余敏卿紀念基金。“我們能在美國的富足生活,要感謝敏卿阿姨”,Maxine說,“在她去世之后,我們希望盡以綿薄之力,以在東亞圖書館建立基金的方式回饋她的慷慨和奉獻”。

Translated into Chinese by Yinglei Yang 楊英蕾

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