Made possible by a gift from Amy C. Tsiang and Donald H. Tsiang

Few librarians have had the opportunity to devote forty years of service to a single library. When Amy Ching-Fen Tsiang started her work at the Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library in 1969, she was a junior librarian newly graduated from the University of Missouri at Columbia. The Library was then called the Oriental Library and located in the basement of Powell Library. Amy’s long career is reflected in the history of the library. She has helped shape all kinds of professional services for the Library, specifically in cataloguing, reference service, library instruction, collection development and management. She played an essential role in the Library’s transition from manual to automated operations. Under her direction as the Library head from 1998 to 2009, the East Asian Library became one of the ten largest East Asian collections in North America. The influence of Amy Ching-Fen Tsiang has been a keystone in the development of the Library. With the support of her husband, Donald and her children, she established this endowment to celebrate the legacy her 40 years of service has left. Her contribution aims to support the continuing growth of the East Asian collection at UCLA for generations to come.




Translated into Chinese by Yinglei Yang 楊英蕾

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