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Maximize Collaboration to Increase Impact

We cultivate relationships with campus, systemwide and global partners, including donors, that drive innovation, create efficiencies and ensure expenditures have the greatest impact for UCLA.

  • Connect and partner across the Library to ensure consistently excellent user experience and to amplify best practices and innovations.
  • Collaborate with campus entities that promote diverse student achievement and pursuit of advanced degrees and faculty research and scholarship.
  • Invest in activities that enrich the entire UC system and offer benefits of scale.
  • Offer multiple pathways for students, instructors, and researchers to connect with our expert staff, services and content.
  • Unify and sustain scalable services leveraging systems and technologies that enhance student learning, build information and data literacy and support all teaching modalities.
  • Promote sustainable research, data inquiry and digital scholarship services in collaboration with campus partners.
  • Actively seek out partnerships that enhance diverse voices and scholarship.

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