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Lead with Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We commit as individuals and as an organization to go beyond affirming the values of equity, diversity and inclusion. Our work seeks to understand and redress inequities faced by individuals, groups and communities that have been and continue to be silenced or neglected by systems and institutions of power.

  • Ensure that our policies and practices create an inclusive, accessible and safe environment for our users and employees.
  • Provide equitable access to information, services and resources for UCLA users.
  • Model and foster inclusive pedagogy in our teaching, our professional development opportunities, our technology offerings and the learning objects we create and maintain.
  • Identify and understand how structural racism and oppression operate within our organization and hold ourselves accountable for dismantling these structures and transforming our institutional culture.
  • Emphasize building and sustaining collections that support teaching, learning and research in all UCLA areas of study, focusing on collecting materials by and about underrepresented learners, scholars and creators.
  • Amplify marginalized and historically silenced voices and their cultural contributions in programming, collection management, resource description and institutional and community partnerships to further social justice and equity.
  • Recruit and continuously support historically underrepresented or underserved Library employees, addressing historical conditions that impact their advancement and retention.
  • Develop an inclusive communications and marketing infrastructure that holistically engages our communities.

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Associated Programs

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    Anti-Racism Initiative (ARI)

    In the summer of 2020, the UCLA Library embarked on an Anti-Racism Initiative (ARI) intended to improve the internal climate and create a just and welcoming environment for all library workers.
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    Modern Endangered Archives Program

    Modern Endangered Archives Program (MEAP) grants enable digitization and access to at-risk cultural heritage collections from around the world.

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