Hermine Vermeij

Pronouns: she/her
Staff portrait of Hermine Vermeij
Team Leader, Subject Specialist Catalogers; Music Cataloger
  • Resource Acquisitions and Metadata Services

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  • Alma
  • Monographic Cataloging
  • Music Cataloging
  • Subject and Genre Analysis


Hermine Vermeij (hur-MEE-nuh vur-MAY) has been a librarian at UCLA since 2006. She currently works in Resource Acquisitions & Metadata Services as the Team Leader of the Subject Specialists and the Music Cataloger. She has been active in the Music Library Association (MLA), including a term on the board (2016-2018) and as the chair of the Cataloging and Metadata Committee (2020-2023). She holds an MLIS from UCLA and a BA in Music from UC Santa Cruz.


  • Iseminger, Beth, Nancy Lorimer, Casey Mullin, and Hermine Vermeij. "Faceted Vocabularies for Music: A New Era in Resource Discovery." Notes 73, no. 3 (2017): 409-431. doi:10.1353/not.2017.0000.

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