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As part of the UCLA Library Data Science Center, the UCLA Library DataSquad is a team of undergraduate students who support data-related projects at UCLA. The DataSquad aims to facilitate data processes for sustainable, replicable, reproducible research, teaching and workflows. The DataSquad is made possible with a generous gift from Norman Powell and is a chapter of DataSquad International(opens in a new tab), a service model initiated by Carleton College.

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View our walk-in hours (no appointment needed) in Charles E. Young Research Library (YRL) Room 21536, or schedule a consultation with us!


Coding Consultation

Do you need help with R, Python, Tableau or other statistical programming tools? The DataSquad can help you write efficient and cohesive code and recommend the best coding practices and tools for your project.

Data Cleaning and Manipulation

Do you need help with collecting, cleaning and using data? The DataSquad can help clean and manipulate your data in Python, R and SQL.

Data Visualization

Do you need help with visualizing or displaying your data? The DataSquad can help build informative and attractive visuals using Tableau, R’s ggplot, base R and Python.

Statistical Consulting

Do you need help understanding statistical concepts or how to implement analysis using statistics in your projects? The DataSquad has strong backgrounds in the subject of statistics.

Student DataSquad

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