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UCLA Library advances the university's teaching, research and public service missions through a bold commitment to put collections, resources, and scholarship from around the world at the fingertips of students and scholars. Our four-pronged strategy:

  • Promotes the open and broadest dissemination of scholarship, both consumed and created by UCLA scholars.
  • Leverages strategic partnerships and technologies to meet the current and anticipated needs of UCLA faculty, staff and students for access to resources and knowledge.
  • Creates and cultivates distinctive collections of unique materials, both those that are international in scope and those that document the histories and cultures of Southern California’s diverse communities, and makes them discoverable and deliverable to scholars worldwide.
  • Stewards information resources through state-of-the-art discovery, delivery and preservation programs, including open metadata strategies, to ensure access and usability now and in the future.

UC Policies

In carrying out this strategy, the Library commits to principles of openness, including those expressed in the Open Access Policy for the Academic Senate of the University of California, adopted July 24, 2013, and the Open Access Policy of the University of California, effective October 23, 2015, in addition to our own E-Book Value Statement, June 2012.

  • UC Open Access Policies

    Two UC-wide open access policies expand the reach of scholarly articles by UC faculty, staff and employees by making them available around the world.
  • E-Book Value Statement

    We seek to apply our core mission and values to the e-book marketplace.