More Information

UCLA Library Special Collections (LSC) acquires, stewards and makes accessible materials that document history, society and culture. See our development strategy and policies page for more information.

Our collections may include images or language that are harmful, offensive, discriminatory or graphic. These might include materials that document violence, racist, homophobic, transphobic, gender-phobic or sexist propaganda, etc. LSC's stewardship of offensive or harmful materials does not represent an endorsement of content or viewpoints.

Historically, LSC has not provided a content advisory or presented additional context surrounding these items. Staff is engaged in addressing and contextualizing this content and language moving forward.

To report harmful content in our digitized archival or bibliographic materials hosted on the UCLA Digital Library(opens in a new tab), or to request that a content advisory be added to hosted content, please use our feedback form.

Reports will be reviewed and considered by LSC staff in accordance with professional best practices and codes of ethics. Possible outcomes of reporting include:

  • Materials and description remain as-is
  • Addition of contextual description and/or supplemental content advisory statements

In rare cases, items may be suppressed from public online access. More information about descriptive practices in LSC and at the UCLA Library can be found in our Ethical Description statement.