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If material or equipment is not returned on time, a fine or a replacement bill may be issued. The Library sends an overdue notice as a courtesy but is not responsible for its receipt. Users are responsible for managing their own materials. Fines are assessed by the physical piece for all days the lending library is open.

Fines and fees for reserve materials or equipment have been intentionally set to encourage the timely return of these items because they are in high demand. Money collected as fines is turned over to general university funds, not to the Library. Replacement fees reflect the actual or average cost of replacing particular items, and the Library uses this money for item purchases and binding.

Users with unpaid fees and fines will be blocked from checking out, renewing and requesting library material or equipment.

Replacement Charges

A replacement bill is issued when a user fails to return borrowed materials by their due date. Each replacement charge includes a standard $168 replacement charge for the item, and applicable fines, such as those for overdue reserves. Supplementary bills may be sent after the initial billing based upon the market value of the material. The standard replacement fee can be canceled if the user returns the item before the Library orders a replacement copy. Replacement charges for CLICC small items and devices (laptops) reflect the current market cost of the items.

Lost or Damaged Items

A user who reports that an item has been lost is responsible for the replacement charge, any overdue fines that may have accrued, and a binding charge if applicable. Users may be assessed repair or replacement charges for damaged items. A user may replace a lost or damaged item with a copy acceptable to the library from which the item was borrowed. Users who want to supply a replacement copy should make arrangements with the appropriate library within 30 days of the replacement bill date. If required, the user is responsible for the the binding cost.

Overdue Charges

UCLA Students, Staff, Faculty & ExtensionShort-Term Reserve Materials (2 hours, overnight)

$5/hour for every hour the lending library is open, up to $50 max/item

Long-Term Reserve Materials (1-7 days)

$5/day for every day the lending library is open, up to $50 max/item

CLICC small items and devices (laptops)

$0.20/minute, up to $50 max/item

External UsersAll Other Material

$.50/day for every day the lending library is open, up to $10 max/item

Contact Us

If you have questions about fees and fines, including payments, email the owning library below with your name, BruinCard or library card number, and as much information as possible regarding your fees and fines to expedite our ability to investigate.

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