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Daniel T. Richards, former head of collection development at the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library, began his distinguished career at UCLA in 1971 as a health sciences librarian. He subsequently served as collection development officer at the National Library of Medicine and as director of biomedical libraries at Dartmouth College and became nationally recognized as an expert in collection development for health sciences libraries. Mr. Richards was an avid collector of books by and about John Updike, and in gratitude for his years at UCLA and the mentorship he received from Louise Darling, he bequeathed his Updike collection to the UCLA Library, to be known as the Thomas Baxter Camp and Alice Jarrett Camp Collection in loving memory of his maternal grandparents. In addition, Mr. Richards devoted a portion of his estate to establish the Daniel T. Richards Endowment for Support of the Thomas Baxter Camp and Alice Jarrett Camp Collection, a fund that allows the Library to catalog his collection and to increase the Library's holdings in this field.

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