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In-Person Activities

Crafty Bruins can enjoy free origami supplies, coloring pages, pet rock making and puzzles!

Origami and coloring pages:
Available at Powell Library, Charles E. Young Library, the Biomedical Library, the Arts Library, the Science and Engineering Library and the Music Library.

Pet rock-making kits
: Available at the Science and Engineering Geology Library.

Available at Powell Library.

In addition, the Library encourages students to explore the end-of-quarter de-stressing activities offered by campus wellness partners, including the UCLA People-Animal Connection, UCLA Resilience In Your Student Experience (RISE) Center, Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC), ASUCLA and others.

Virtual Activities

The Stressbusters virtual care package, created by student workers in spring 2020 and reimagined in each successive quarter – is the cornerstone of the Library’s virtual student support initiatives. Free feel-good films, calming videos, playlists from the Music Library, fun reading suggestions, online games and more encourage mindful breaks from coursework.


Stressbuster Virtual Care Package

Take a break with free feel-good films, playlists from the Music Library, fun reading suggestions, online games and more!
Stressbusters Virtual Care Package Winter 2023
Stressbusters Virtual Care Package Winter 2023

Schedule a Ride

Studying late into the night? Stay safe by calling for a free evening escort to pick you up at the library and walk you to your destination from dusk until 1 a.m. Fifteen minutes before you need to leave, call 310-794-WALK to schedule a pick-up.

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