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Titanic, Suitable Version for Iranian Families

Iran/France, 2023

A team of Iranian television censors debate the finer points of on-screen propriety while outside their office window more consequential forces are beginning to stir.

DCP, color, in Persian with English subtitles, 15 min. Director: Farnoosh Samadi.


Iran, 2023

A listless young man splits his time between caring for his mom (barely), hanging out at the local underground pool hall and spending his best friend’s money. A chance encounter with Roxana after her car is broken into focuses his attention and soon he’s centered his life around helping her recover a stolen camera she needs for her wedding photography business. Helping her solve her problems, however, only deepens his own. Writer-director Parviz Shahbazi builds an arresting take on the experience of young Iranians struggling to find their way and start their lives in a world where one misstep can have the direst of consequences.

DCP, color, in Persian with English subtitles, 119 min. Director: Parviz Shahbazi. Screenwriter: Parviz Shahbazi. With: Yasna Mirtahmasb, Mahsa Mahsa Akbarabadi, Maede Tahmasbi. 119 min.

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