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The UCLA Library Campus Library Instructional Computing Commons (CLICC) provides two types of virtual desktops. These desktops allow Bruins to access UCLA resources and work in dozens of licensed software suites. Virtual desktops can be used on any computer or tablet. With an internet connection and the UCLA VPN(opens in a new tab), they can also be used anywhere in the world.

Types of Virtual Desktops

We offer two types of desktops: Software+ and Performance+. Both are free to any UCLA student, staff or faculty member with a valid UCLA Logon ID.

The Software+ Virtual Desktop serves most instruction, research and study needs. However, some specific performance-intensive applications may work smoother on a Performance+ Virtual Desktop.

Both virtual desktop types offer a full Windows desktop in addition to their respective software(opens in a new tab). To request software be added to the list, contact us via the CLICC Services Portal(opens in a new tab).

Software+ Virtual DesktopPerformance+ Virtual Desktop
Available on-demand via UCLA Logon credentialsAvailable via unique username and password, created by mediated request
Complete suite of CLICC SoftwareSpecific processor-intensive software only
Large pool of available desktopsLimited pool of available desktops
Ideal for

Typical desktop use, access to UCLA online resources, studying and research
Ideal for

Specific processor-intensive software applications

Request a Virtual Desktop

The Software+ Virtual Desktop can be accessed with your UCLA Logon ID. Please read our instructions(opens in a new tab) for more information on how to access this desktop.

An additional account is needed to access the Performance+ Virtual Desktop. If you would like to use a Performance+ Virtual Desktop, please submit a request for an account(opens in a new tab) via the CLICC Resources and Services portal.

Getting Started Guides

Request a Virtual Classroom

Virtual classrooms provide students and instructors in a course with either type of virtual desktop. Instructors may request virtual classrooms for one-time or recurring events. To start the process, please open a Virtual Classroom Request(opens in a new tab) in the CLICC Resources & Services portal.

Report Issues

Check out our suggested steps for troubleshooting a virtual desktop(opens in a new tab). Please contact us via the CLICC Services Portal(opens in a new tab) if you wish to report a recurring issue.

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