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UCLA's visionary founders planned from the outset to build a major research university. Today, thanks to their farsighted decision in 1947 to create a library to serve both the Life Sciences Division of the UCLA College and the newly authorized School of Medicine, UCLA faculty, staff and students and the citizens of California have access to one of the finest biomedical research libraries in the United States. And the university has benefited from the economies achieved by operating a single facility and developing a single collection as well as the common meeting ground it affords for students and faculty in the life and health sciences. The Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library's collections rank among the top health sciences libraries in North America, an achievement made possible by the ground laid over fifty years ago by founding librarian Louise M. Darling, the founders of UCLA's health and life sciences programs and dedicated philanthropists.

In 1997, to mark the library's 50th anniversary and in tribute to these visionary individuals, UCLA faculty joined together to establish the Biomed Faculty Collection Endowment Fund for the acquisition, preservation and access to materials in all formats in the biomedical sciences. They thus continued in the tradition of their predecessors by creating a fund that helps secure the UCLA Library's extraordinary collections for future generations of students, faculty and scholars.

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