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Wing Kwai Chung, an accomplished structural engineer whose professional practice has spanned the globe, established the Alice Lee-Tsing Chung Memorial Collection Endowment in memory of his late wife, a medical technologist who worked at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center as well as at other leading medical facilities in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and the East Coast. More than just a tribute to her devotion to helping people, the endowment is Mr. Chung’s way of remembering Alice as a caring and considerate person who was passionate about the power of education and its ability to improve the quality of life. Increasing globalization brings new opportunities for cultural awareness and, along with it, possibilities for misunderstanding that can lead to unnecessary conflicts. Continuing Alice’s passion for learning and exploration,Mr. Chung hopes that this endowment will help the Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library to inspire the international community to understand and appreciate the rich Chinese culture. The bookplate’s design encapsulates his conviction that one person’s small sacrifice can have a major impact on many lives. From Mr. Chung’s perspective, it does not matter how large or small the contribution is: “Even if everyone contributes only a little, the world will be a more beautiful place for all.”

鐘蔣莉青紀念基金由Wing Kwai Chung所建立。這位專業實踐遍布全球的杰出結構工程師以這種方式紀念他已逝的妻子蔣莉青。蔣莉青是一位醫療技術專家,生前曾在加大洛杉磯分校醫療中心及位於洛杉磯、灣區和東岸的其他領先的醫療機構中服務。這筆捐贈是鐘先生對妻子特殊的懷念,不僅紀念她樂於助人的一生,也紀念她的細心體貼、對教育的熱忱和用教育改變生活的信念。


Translated into Chinese by Yinglei Yang 楊英蕾

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