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  • Trends and Status of Monographs on Chinese Studies: 2006-2016 《海外中國研究現狀與趨勢分析-2006-2016》. Beijing: Xue yuan press 学苑出版社, 2021.
  • Wang, Chengzhi, Su Chen and el at. Sourcebook of North American Historical and Archival Resources on China’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression 《北美藏中国抗日战争历史档案文献提要》. Shanghai: Fudan University Press 复旦大学出版社, 2017.
  • Wang, Chengzhi and Su Chen. Archival Resources of Republican China in North America.《北美藏民國檔案指要:1911-1949》. New York: Columbia University Press, 2016.
  • Archives of the Young Men’s Christian Association in China at the University of Minnesota Libraries: the Annual Report (1896- 1949) with Biographical Sketch of Foreign Secretaries and City Association Building Descriptions. 《美國明尼蘇達大學圖書 館藏基督教男青年會檔案: 中國年度報告 (1896-1949) 及國際幹事小傳及會所小史》. Guilin: Guangxi Normal University Press 广西师范大学出版, 2012.
  • Glossary of library and information science : English-Chinese / Chinese-English 《英漢漢英圖書館實用詞彙》. München : K.G. Saur, 2006.

Chapters or Articles

  • “An Investigation and Analysis of English Monographs on Chinese Studies Based on Three Databases (2006-2016)” 基于三大数据库对海外中国研究专著的调查与分析 (2006-2016).” International Sinology 《国际汉学》. Issue 3, pp. 60-76, 2020.
  • “China in the YMCA Foreign Secretaries’ reports, 1895-1949: Brief introduction of the YMCA Archives at the University of Minnesota Libraries 青年会干事笔下的中国, 1895-1949:明尼苏达大学图书馆藏青年会档案简介.” Journal of Society for Chinese Studies Librarians 《天禄论丛》. Guilin: Guangxi Normal University Press 广西师范大学出版社, 2018.
  • “The Model that Works for the UCLA East Asian Library.” Journal of East Asian Libraries, volume 2018, no.166, article 7. Council on East Asian Libraries, 2018.
  • “Minitex 模式” (Minitex Model) in Huanwen Cheng ed. Information and Resource Sharing 《信息与资源共享》. Textbook Series for 21st Century. Revised and enlarged 2nd edition. Chapter 11, Section 5. Beijing: Higher Education Press高等教育出版社, 2016.
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  • "Scholarly Communication on Asian and Chinese Studies: Analysis of English Serial Publication 1822-2009 亚洲研究和中国研究英文期刊: 历史考察与现状分析” by Su Chen and Chengzhi Wang in Haihui Zhang ed. Chinese Studies in North America: Research and Resources 《北美中国学研究 : 学术概述与文献资源》. p. 889-900. Beijing: Zhonghua Shuju 中华书局, 2010.
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  • “The Gest Chinese Research Library at McGill 1926-1936.” East Asian Library Journal, vol. xi, no.2, pp. 40-100, Autumn 2004, Princeton University Library, 2004.

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