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About University Archives

The UCLA University Archives, established in 1949 by Provost Clarence A. Dykstra, is the official repository for non-current UCLA records having permanent historical, fiscal, legal or administrative value. It identifies and collects the official university records in all formats that document the history of administrative offices and departments, academic departments and programs, related organizations and campus groups. In coordination with UCLA Records Management, the university archivist serves as a records consultant and identifies official university records held by administrative and academic offices, departments and programs, while helping to support units in good record keeping.

The University Archives promotes and maintains its designated obligations regarding official university records through partnerships with:

  • UCLA Office of the Chancellor
  • University of California (UC) Office of the President
  • UC university archivists on all ten campuses

Records in the University Archives date from the late nineteenth century, and they include materials from the Los Angeles State Normal School, established in 1881. In 1919, the Southern Branch of the University of California opened, becoming the second campus of the University of California. The name was changed in 1927 to the University of California at Los Angeles, and a comma replaced the word "at" in 1953. The campus has been located in the Westwood area since September 1929, having moved from its previous site on Vermont Avenue near downtown Los Angeles.

A full listing of the University Archives currently available for research can be found in the Online Archive of California(opens in a new tab) or in UC Library Search(opens in a new tab), or view our research guide(opens in a new tab), which includes links to all digitized materials.

Contributing Materials to University Archives

The University Archives collects non-current materials from UCLA administrative offices and departments, academic departments and programs, faculty, alums, the general public and related organizations. (Non-current materials are materials that have not been used in the past year or will not be used more than once per year.)

If the materials are accepted, they are subject to the policies of the Regents of the University of California with the understanding that the university becomes the owner of the materials upon their receipt and reserves the right to determine retention, location, cataloging treatment and other considerations relating to their use or disposition.

UCLA Administrative Offices and Departments, Academic Departments and Programs and Related Organizations

The transfer of non-current materials to the University Archives is coordinated with UCLA Records Management & Information Practices(opens in a new tab). Contact them for more help identifying non-current materials and shredding or retaining confidential or restricted materials. Please visit UCLA Records Retention Guidelines(opens in a new tab) for more information.

Transferring Non-current Materials

Non-current materials may be transferred when they measure at least two linear feet (24 inches long). University Archives will provide boxes. Duplicates/extra copies of materials may be removed.

When materials are ready to be transferred, please contact University Archives at (opens in a new tab) in a new tab). Please include a list of the materials that are being transferred.

UCLA Faculty, Alumni and the Public

The University Archives also acquires materials from UCLA faculty, alums and the public. For further information on contributing materials, please email in a new tab).

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