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Anti-Racism Initiative (ARI) Framework

The ARI Framework is an iterative document that consists of projects, tasks, and recommendations. The content in the current iteration of the Framework was created by gathering feedback from library staff about desired outcomes and goals.

The overarching goal of the UCLA Library is to permanently embed the concepts that create and sustain a just, equitable and diverse workplace into its organizational culture. To that end, the Framework is meant to be consistently monitored and updated as projects are completed and new projects are proposed.

Anti-Racism Initiative Steering Team (ARI-ST)

The ARI Steering Team is responsible for maintaining a web presence on the library's internal website, as well as maintaining the Anti-Racism Initiative Framework. The Steering Team will evaluate the progress of the Framework, and indicate completion of existing items, as well introduce new items to the Framework as necessary.

The Steering Team has the authority to convene ARI Project Teams to take on existing and emerging tasks of the Framework. Project Teams will report to the Steering Team and may be disbanded at the conclusion of assigned project/task.

Anti-Racism Initiative Project Teams (ARI-PTs)

Project Teams are groups of staff convened by the Steering Team to address a particular project. Project Teams contain at least one Steering Team member that reports back project progress to the Steering Team. The current project team members were brought on with a call for volunteers for the initial projects:

  • Recruitment & Retention: Examines current recruitment and retention policies and procedures, obtains and analyzes available recruitment and retention data to identify trends and issues related to BIPOC library workers.
  • Library Public Safety: The team is examining public safety standards and relationships in the library.
  • Collections: The Collections Project Team will assess the current state of library collections through an anti-racist lens to broadly identify collection gaps and systemic inequities.
  • Workplace Culture: The Workplace Culture & Equitable Opportunity Team aims to assess the current workplace climate of UCLA Library with an emphasis on structural and institutional racism and its impact on library staff.