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Licensing Structure and Policies

The UCLA Library has a three-tier licensing structure:

  • Tier 1: Licenses covering the entire UC system
  • Tier 2: Licenses covering at least 4 campuses, but not the entire system
  • Tier 3: Licenses covering one campus only

The Library also follows policies set by the California Digital Library. Among these general policies are:

  • Access to products should not require individual passwords and/or user ID's, and UCLA must be allowed to use proxy servers to facilitate remote access for authorized users.
  • License agreements should not restrict or abrogate the rights of the UC or its user community permitted under copyright law. Those uses include, but are not limited to, displaying, printing, downloading and copying.
  • Agreements should describe permitted interlibrary loan (ILL) use in detail.
  • Agreements should allow the creation of course packs and electronic reserves maintained by the Library.
  • Agreements should allow the creation of multiple copies in print or digital form for classroom instruction to the extent permitted by the classroom use provisions of copyright law.

Key Licensing Resources

  • Suggest a Purchase

    If we don't own it, we can purchase it for your research. Use this form to suggest the purchase of non-course reserve materials not already owned by UCLA Library.