Anti-Racism Initiative

In Summer 2020, the UCLA Library embarked on an Anti-Racism Initiative intended to improve internal climate and create a just and welcoming environment for all library workers. The Library created a Steering Team that was charged with managing the evolution of the ARI Framework: the organization’s foundational set of goals and principles in support of the Anti-Racism Initiative. 


More about Anti-Racism Initiative Framework and Steering Team administration. 
Examines current recruitment and retention policies and procedures, obtains and analyzes available recruitment and retention data to identify trends and issues related to BIPOC library workers.
The Collections Project Team of the UCLA Library Anti-Racism Initiative will assess the current state of library collections through an anti-racist lens to broadly identify collection gaps and systemic inequities.
Blue text on yellow background reads, Library Public Safety
The team is examining public safety standards and relationships in the library.
Yellow text on blue background reads, Workplace Culture
The Workplace Culture & Equitable Opportunity Team aims to assess the current workplace climate of UCLA Library with an emphasis on structural and institutional racism and its impact on library staff.
Blue text on yellow background reads, EDI Timeline and Initiative FAQ
A timeline of EDI events at UCLA and in the library & an FAQ for the Anti-Racism Initiative.

News & Updates

UCLA Library Anti-Racism Initiative Update By Library Staff on Jan 25, 2021 In the wake of a nationwide reckoning with racism and racial violence, the UCLA Library embarked on an Anti-Racism Initiative (ARI).
Library staff and student workers will share resource recommendations related to issues of racial justice.
Ginny Steel in Powell
The systemic problem of racism and oppression that has been creating inequality for generations is the antithesis of UCLA Library's mission and purpose.