Winners of the 2017 UCLA Library Prize for Undergraduate Research!

Congratulations to this year's winners of the 2017 UCLA Library Prize for Undergraduate Research!

This prestigious award recognizes and honors excellence in undergraduate research at UCLA, as exemplified through the thoughtful use of library collections in the creation of an outstanding research project or paper. The prizes were awarded in two categories, and winners received cash prizes ranging from $350-$700. Winners were chosen by a panel of librarians and faculty.  

Its inspiration comes from Ruth Simon, BA '58, a lover of books and libraries. Guided by her passion for reading and research and wishing to share her devotion to libraries, Simon established the Ruth Simon Library Prize for Undergraduate Research, the first endowment of its kind at UCLA. Its goal is to inspire and reward UCLA undergraduates for conducting outstanding library research now and for generations to come. Winning projects will soon be posted on eScholarship, the UC’s open-access digital publishing platform.

2017 Winners  
Science, Engineering, & Mathematics – 1st prize

Adrienne Uhlyarik, Deven Patel, Alexa Sheldon


"Raiding and Foraging Behavior of Megaponera analis in the Dja Biosphere Reserve of Cameroon"


Instructor sponsor: Greg Grether (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Science, Engineering, & Mathematics – 2nd prize   

Christine Qin


"The New Pro-Choice: Legalizing Assisted Suicide"


Instructor sponsor: Jeffrey H. Miller (Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics)


Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences – 1st prize

Bradley Uyemura


"Canine Crackdown: Unreliable Drug Sniffs Threaten Civil Liberties and Equal Law Enforcement"


Instructor sponsor: Robert Schraff (History)


Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences – 2nd prize (tie)

Ruba El Melik


"From Nobiin to Rutana: The Role of Arabization In Creating Sudanese Language Ideologies"


Instructor sponsor: Sonya Rao (Anthropology)


Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences – 2nd prize (tie)

Zaith Lopez


"Precarity and Liminality among Jornaleros in Southern California: Structural Vulnerability, Porous Spaces and the Struggle for Being"


Instructor sponsor: Jason Throop (Anthropology)


Library Special Collections prize

Liset Contreras


"Chicanxs and Medicine: A History of Ailments"


Instructor sponsor: Genevieve Carpio (Chicana/o Studies)