Welcome to Powell Library!

Classes are starting, and you might be looking for course reserves, printers, or a place to study. You've come to the right place. Whether you've used the library in previous years, or you're a new Bruin, welcome to Powell! We have plenty of spaces and resources that will help you while you're at UCLA.


The CLICC lab is up the stairs on the left side of the foyer. Here, you can use computers, scanners, and printers, and check in to use group study rooms you reserved online (remember to bring your BruinCard). 

Did you know there’s also a CLICC lab on the third floor? These upper CLICC classrooms are available as study spaces when there isn’t a meeting going on. You can also use the CLICC computers and printers!


The Rotunda is on the second floor, and is used throughout the year for everything from the annual Jane Austen ball in the spring to concerts, workshops, exhibits, and other events. We’ve also had several performances by the Game Music Ensemble, a student group that plays music from video games! Take a look at the display cases around the Rotunda while you're there to see the current exhibit, or student work.


The Main Reading Room is off the Rotunda, and has our community collections, including the Enigma sci-fi and fantasy collection, the sustainability collection, cookbooks, zines, and graphic novels. It’s also a great study space, and has a few public-use computers that don’t require a BruinCard.


The InqSpace is on the second floor. Here, you can get one-on-one help with research papers and projects, study, and work on assignments. Some student groups meet here, too - last year, weekly Undergraduate Write Nights took place in the InqSpace! The InqLabs down the hall have workshops and classes during the quarter, and are a great study space during 10th week and finals.


Night Powell, up the stairs on the right side of the foyer, is an important spot to know. There are desks for individual studying, as well as group study rooms that can be reserved in the CLICC lab. It's open later than the rest of the library, and stays open 24 hours most days starting 3rd week so you can study the night away! Stressbusters activities are held here at the end of each quarter - the UCLA People-Animal Connection therapy dogs' visit is a 10th week highlight.

In the stacks, you can find desks and chairs for quiet studying, in addition to Powell Library's books.

There are plenty of other resources Powell has to offer, including the Instructional Media Lab, which has media, such as movies, that your classes might assign.

Now that you know your way around Powell, we hope to see you here this quarter!

For more information about Powell, check out this list of the top 10 things you didn't know about Powell Library, or look at the Powell page on the UCLA Library website.