Welcome New UCLA Engineering Dean, Dr. Jayathi Y. Murthy!

This year, the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science has welcomed Jayathi Y. Murthy as their new dean. Dr. Murthy, who previously served as chair of the mechanical engineering department at UT Austin, took office January 1st, 2016 as the first female dean of UCLA Engineering. She received her PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota and has worked both in academia, at schools such as Purdue and Carnegie Mellon University, and in industry, at Fluent Inc., a computational fluid dynamics software company.

Dr. Murthy has been part of some impressive research programs in her career, with focuses in computational fluid dynamics and nanoscale heat transfer. At Carnegie Mellon, she was the director of Thermal Management, Electronics Cooling, and Packaging Laboratory Institute for Complex Engineered Systems, and at Purdue, she headed Center for Prediction of Reliability, Integrity and Survivability of Microsystems (PRISM). Furthermore, she is the author and/or editor of more than 200 publications, many of which can be found at SEL Boelter and on UCLA Library subscription databases! Listed below are a few highlights:

In the SEL Boelter Stacks:

Adaptive computation methods in environmental transport process: presented at the Winter Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Anaheim, California, November 8-13, 1992. New York, N.Y. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1992.

Parallel and vector computation in heat transfer: presented at AIAA/ASME Thermophysics and Heat Transfer Conference, June 18-20, 1990, Seattle, Washington. New York, N.Y. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1990.

In UCLA subscription databases:

Computational heat transfer in complex systems: A review of needs and opportunities. Journal of Heat Transfer 134(3), 2012.

Manifold microchannel heat sink design using optimization under uncertainty. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 69 (2014), 92-105.

Characteristics of evaporation thin film in a microchannel. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 50(19-20), 2007, 3933-3942.

Direct simulation of transport open-cell metal foam. Journal of Heat Transfer 128(8), 2006, 793-799.

Mechanism of thermal conductivity reduction in few-layer graphene. Journal of Applied Physics 110(4), 2011.

Domain size effects in molecular dynamics simulation of phonon transport in silicon. Applied Physics Letters 89(17), 2006.

Analysis of solid-liquid phase change under pulsed heating. Journal of Heat Transfer 129(3), 2006, 395-400.

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By Emily Meehan, SEL Reference Desk Assistant