Welcome Hannah Sutherland, Instructional Design and Technology Consultant

Please join us in welcoming Hannah Sutherland to the UCLA Library, serving in the role as Powell Library’s instructional design and technology consultant. In order to introduce you to our newest team member, we asked Hannah a few questions about joining the Library.

What goals/hopes do you have for this year as our new instructional design and technology consultant?
I’m so excited about the diversity of projects on which I’ll get to work! On the outreach side, I’d love to canvas the student community to identify gaps in knowledge around library literacy and the research/writing processes and close those gaps in creative ways. As part of that discovery, I’d also like to strengthen the relationship between the UCLA community and the library, creating more awareness around library resources. Throughout this journey, I hope to be in constant conversation with our librarians, administrators, and campus partners to understand the challenges they’re facing and find meaningful solutions through instructional design and learning technology. 

How has your prior experience prepared you for this role at the UCLA Library?
After receiving my BFA in Filmmaking and Photography, I worked for over 5 years as a Video Director in Virginia Commonwealth University’s marketing and public relations department. When I moved to Los Angeles, I used my knowledge of video production to transition into instructional media, working as a Video Director for UCLA Extension and later, operating UCLA’s lecture capture video streaming service for the Center for the Advancement of Teaching. My work often finds me at the crossroads of media production and instructional design so I’m thrilled that my new role falls squarely in that intersection! 

What things will you be tackling first?
When I was an incoming freshman myself, I had no idea how to use an academic library. As I fill this role at the start of a new academic year, I hope that a large portion of my initial work will be focused on outreach and library literacy as students congregate on campus. Powell, as both the physical heart of campus and a welcoming space for new and returning students, is perfectly positioned for this kind of outreach. I’m also excited to start having conversations with librarians, administrators, and student workers to solicit their deep knowledge of the library and identify possible projects and uses of technology that would enhance the learning experience here at Powell and across campus. Understanding all of Powell’s learning spaces, both physical and technical, will help me offer support when students and faculty need it.

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to?
I was introduced to a number of authors this summer who, after reading one of their books, I ended up reading almost everything else they had written. My Year of Rest and Relaxation introduced me to Ottessa Moshfegh and her small but addictive body of work. After Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea, I read several of her equally upsetting novellas. Octavia Butler’s Dawn made me a fan of all books Butler. And after reading Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections, I instantly read Freedom. There’s nothing better than discovering an author you love and then having their entire body of work immediately available to you. And currently, although I’ve been slowly working through Oblivion by David Foster Wallace, I plan on taking a break and reading The Testaments, Margaret Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, probably in one frenzied sitting.

Besides reading, I enjoy writing short fiction, bouldering, backpacking, playing board games and (mostly retro) video games, and playing a weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons with my friends.

We are delighted to have Hannah working in the UCLA Library. You can contact her at hsutherland@library.ucla.edu.