UCLA Music Library: New Rock Collection

The new Donovan Meher Collection of at least 8,000 CDs documents Rock Music from approximately the 1980s to 2010. Its coverage is near comprehensive and this kind of collection is rarely represented in academic research libraries.

The collection, which is currently being processed, can be found in the UCLA Music Library and browsed in the UCLA Library Catalog. Currently, over 4500 CDs are available for circulation from the Music Library.

The following is a note about Donovan Meher and the collection from his family.

Donovan Meher was born to bring beauty into this world. He had the mind and soul of a true creative, his story is as fascinating and endearing as his character.

From a young age, it was clear to his family that Donovan was brought here to influence the world around him. With his inherent talent for composition and perfect pitch, he had mastered the best of classical by age five. His deep connection to music and wildly creative mind brought forth an understanding of how to influence any musical instrument and the result was sensational. He used music as a way of connecting his loving spirit to others. His bright, charismatic energy inspired those around him to truly celebrate life.

As a young adult he taught music with passion. His mind was deeply complex, yet his soul was humble and kind. Like many who have the intense gift of creative intellect, from his late teens onwards, he faced challenges with his mental health.  As he had done with music, he used his illness as an instrument to see the world with a bright new perspective, to slow down and ultimately to help others take the time to appreciate the details of a simple instant in time. He had mastered the art of living in the moment.

Donovan was taken from this world far too early, in a tragic car accident on his way to teach a piano lesson. He was brought here to teach, to influence and to inspire. We want his story to be heard and for those who hear it to remember to slow down, to see life’s beauty and appreciate each moment. 

This collection is the soundtrack of his life, his passion, and an instrumental piece of his legacy.  Thank you for listening.