UCLA Library Celebrates the Centennial with OpenUCLA

Led by the UCLA Library, the OpenUCLA initiative highlights and expands efforts to provide open and equitable access to the materials and scholarship produced at UCLA. The UCLA Library—an outspoken, proactive national advocate for open access—will continue as a leader in the effort to change the foundation of how knowledge and scholarship is created, published, shared, and collected.

Throughout UCLA’s Centennial year, OpenUCLA will celebrate and promote equity in open knowledge, making research publications and resources publicly and globally accessible, digitizing new materials and collections, and providing access to unique and rare materials. A Library Centennial Exhibit will feature a rotating selection from the Library’s collections, reflecting and illuminating the unique and diverse characteristics of UCLA and Los Angeles. Spanning time periods, subjects, formats, and languages, the exhibit will engage and inspire. Other activities include an “Edit-a-Thon” to update and refresh Wikipedia sites to incorporate open access resources and images; awards for and recognition of UCLA’s open access research and scholarship; and lowering costs for UCLA students by supporting course development that integrates open and free content and resources owned or licensed by UCLA. Via an improved user interface to be launched during the Centennial year, the UCLA Library will enhance the exploration of and access to some of our exceptional digital collections, including images, ephemera, oral histories, rare and digitally preserved texts and objects, and other materials.

OpenUCLA provides opportunities for the UCLA Library to join partners across campus and throughout Los Angeles, and, collaboratively, we can expand our local and global impact by sharing resources. Through OpenUCLA, the UCLA Library’s commitment to providing open, equitable access to scholarship and resources will live on after Centennial celebrations end. The relationships and practices built during the year will strengthen, the number of open access publications and materials will continue to expand, and everyone, from early learners to expert scholars, will turn to UCLA when pursuing knowledge and seeking inspiration.