Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Powell Library

1) You can eat and drink inside of Powell Library. We know that sometimes you need your caffeine fix to get through the last stretch of finals, so we allow food and drink inside the library. Just make sure your drinks are covered, please. Nobody likes a sticky desk.


2) We have more than just academic books. We also have a collection of cookbooks, graphic novels, travel books, manga, science fiction, recent fiction and even a small but growing sustainability collection.


3) We're more than just a quiet place to study and checkout books. We have events, including the Jane Austen Ball, the Edible Book Festival, the semi-annual Silent Disco and regular concerts. Once we had a orchestra play songs from video games!


4) Did you know that Ray Bradbury wrote his classic novel Fahrenheit 451 in Powell Library? Apparently, he had a large family at home and was looking for peace and quiet to write. He found his writing groove in the basement of Powell: "I went down in the basement of the UCLA Library and God, there was a room with 12 typewriters in it that you could rent for 10 cents a half-hour. And there were eight or nine students in there working away like crazy."

Ray Bradbury

5) We’re social online. We have an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account. Follow us @UCLA_Powell on Twitter, @UCLA_Powell_Library on Instagram, and    


6) There’s FREE scanning services available in the lower CLICC Lab.

7) Student work is often showcased in the Library. We have display cases throughout the building that feature work by your fellow UCLA students. Below are some of the projects submitted by UCLA undergraduate students as their final assignment for the Fiat Lux seminar "Artists' Book in the UCLA Library and Beyond," held in Spring 2014 and taught by Visual Arts Librarian Robert Gore. 

8) The outside entrance to the library has several mosaics, one of which reads (translated from Latin), "Studying in youth sustains delight into old age.”'


9) Stumped on a research paper? We offer free research consultations in our Inquiry Labs. You can drop by during specified hours, or schedule a half hour consultation here,

10) Did you know that Company, a UCLA theater troupe, immortalized Powell Library with a music video anthem for Spring Sing 2014?


Looking for a quiet study spot? CLICC Classrooms on the 3rd Floor are open for drop-in use whenever there isn't a class. They are located in the west wing, and look out onto Bruin Walk. Open as late as 11:00pm, the Classrooms are equipped with nearly 100 CLICC computers, printers, scanners, whiteboards, and more! For more information, you can check out: