Support Disovery, Research, and Innovation: Give to the UCLA Library

UCLA Library drives research and innovation on campus, online, and beyond. Your gift makes possible the acquisition of important collections, services for students and faculty, spaces in which to study and collaborate, and vital technology. Your investment in the Library secures UCLA’s position as a leader with solutions for our world’s most pressing challenges. Want to know how you can help?

The UCLA Library’s world-renowned collections draw scholars from across the globe, and UCLA students and faculty can work with these resources on our own campus. You can fund a graduate student fellowship in the Center for Primary Research and Training for $35,000, which gives a student the opportunity to complete a project in Library Special Collections, making our materials discoverable to all researchers.

Collection endowments give librarians the buying power to acquire materials in every subject and format, giving UCLA’s students and faculty access to the best resources. Starting at $50,000, your endowment will have a lasting impact on the life of the Library.  

The Library benefits every student at UCLA—undergraduates, graduate students, and professional school students. Students get research assistance in one-on-one sessions, classrooms, dorms, or via 24/7 “Ask a Librarian” chat. Our librarians are leaders in their field, and having the best and brightest staff enables us to provide the research guidance that not only students but also star faculty and researchers rely on. You can help ensure that library resources are always available by endowing electronic databases for $100,000 or a librarian position starting at $1 million.

With more than 25 million online and in-person visits per year, the Library’s spaces and resources are in high demand. Quiet and collaborative study spaces are available in eight library locations across campus.  By naming a group study room for $100,000, you can keep library spaces and technology evolving to meet the needs of current and future Bruins. 
Whatever your interest or passion, the UCLA Library has an opportunity to match. In fact, these are only a few of the many ways you can get involved. To learn how you can impact Bruins for generations to come, contact Stephanie Kimura at 310.206.8551 or