Super Pi Day 3.14.15: Celebrating the Best of Math

Fans of punny mathematical constants, rejoice! This Saturday, March 14, is Pi Day 2015, and will provide geometry lovers everywhere with a chance to celebrate the best of math with a little pi. 

Though Pi Day has been celebrated on 3/14 since 1988, this year's Pi Day will allow celebrants to trace the constant's digits back on their calendars further than ever before. The shorthand date for this Saturday -- 3/14/15 -- matches not only three but five of pi's digits, leading some to dub this iteration of the annual event "Super Pi Day."  A few advanced Pi Day observants plan to make the most of "Super Pi Day" by taking it even one step futher and celebrating the constant's first ten digits -- 3.141592653 -- on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53.

Regardless of whether you are a Pi Day novice or a ten-digit Super Pi celebrant, this nationally-recognized holiday provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate math in all its forms and to reflect on the progress and potentials that study in mathematics supports. To learn more, visit

UCLA's Science and Engineering Library boasts a large collection of books in math theory and technique. Below are some highlights of that collection to whet your appetite before the big weekend:

All of these texts and more are available in Boelter Hall in the Science and Engineering Library. Stop by to browse, and be sure to set aside some time this weekend to celebrate all things math. On Super Pi Day 3.14.15, pi takes the cake!  

By Camille Mathieu

Image credit Carnegie Science Center