Submit Your Fall Quarter Course Reserves Lists

September 18, 2020

Dear UCLA Faculty, Instructors, and Teaching Assistants:

As Fall Quarter 2020 quickly approaches, we encourage you to submit your course reserves list to the UCLA Library as soon as possible. With the latest regulations from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, we continue to be restricted from allowing communal study spaces at the Library, and this means we cannot open our physical buildings to the campus community. As a result, we are not able to offer print reserves for the 2020 calendar year.

To ensure a successful fall quarter, please carefully consider the materials you are using for your courses, and please also keep in mind that faculty are responsible for ensuring that their requested copying and use of materials satisfies fair use, see UCOP Fair Use Guidance. Whenever possible, we invite you to work with your subject library liaisons to identify electronic resources that the Library already has access to, that we may be able to license/purchase on your behalf, or that are Open Educational Resources (OER) for course use.

When you have exhausted these options, the Library is piloting an e-reserves service called PEER - Pilot Emergency E-Reserves. PEER is designed to support remote instruction during the pandemic and may provide some relief. The Library will consider requests to digitize content from library-owned materials and then provide those files to you for use in the Course Management System (CMS), one example of which is CCLE (Common Collaboration and Learning Environment). In order to support as many courses as possible, the Library will not be able to scan entire works or fulfill high-volume digitization requests.

Here are a few notes to keep in mind regarding PEER:

•    Fair use is most likely to apply to the use of relatively small portions of works, and when the portion used is key to a specific pedagogical purpose. You will find a prompt regarding the use and amount on the online faculty request form. So while it may be acceptable to upload a film clip for students to watch in preparation for a class discussion of that clip, uploading longer portions of a film would be less likely to be fair use. Similarly, sharing a small portion of a book as a PDF might be acceptable, but it would rarely be fair use to upload an entire book that is still available broadly for purchase;

•    Turnaround times for e-reserves may be longer than usual due to balancing the number of requests the Library anticipates receiving with how many staff we are permitted to have onsite. This number is based on the University’s occupancy limits, designed to mitigate risk to staff;

•    Requests will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis;

•    Requests for entire works cannot be fulfilled (or for a large amount of scanning) due to staff capacity issues and/or copyright considerations;

•    All electronic reserve items scanned by library staff will be converted into text-searchable PDFs for use with screen-reading software;

•    Digitization of Library Special Collections material is not available through PEER at this time.

Please use a faculty course reserves request form to submit your digitization requests for library-owned materials and explore additional information here.

On behalf of the entire UCLA Library team, we appreciate your patience as we navigate this pandemic together, helping our students continue to innovate and achieve their academic goals while also mitigating risks to our staff and student employees. Thank you.

Best regards,

Virginia Steel
Norman and Armena Powell University Librarian