Science Libraries Got Game

Photograph of board games on table

This year the Science Libraries are expanding their collection -- to tabletop board games! The collection is specifically designed to promote collaborative learning through problem-solving, skill development, some memorization, and heaps of fun. Take a study break by checking out a discipline-specific game, like Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game. Try a collaborative game like Pandemic to build that team dynamic before starting a big group project. You can even check them out overnight!


Visit the circulation desk at SEL/Boelter or the Biomedical Library to learn more. 


SEL/Boelter Location:

Covalence: A Molecule Building Game; BiosGenesis; Chemistry Fluxx; Newton; Terraforming Mars; Dominant Species; Primate; Peptide


Biomedical Library Location: 

Anatomy Fluxx; Virulence; Organ ATTACK; Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game; Dice Hospital; Dixit; Healthy Heart Hospital; Pandemic; Plague Inc; Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr.