Robots are taking over the UCLA Library!

Robots are taking over the UCLA Library!Well, sort of. A robot and the team of students who created it won the 2016 UCLA Library Prize for Undergraduate Research first place for science, engineering, and mathematics.

Gregory Caguimbal, Thomas Chun, Hunter Jones, Fadi Rafeedi, and Samuel created “Rack Attack” for their capstone course in mechanical and applied engineering.

In the arts, humanities, and social sciences category, Katherine Rother won first place for her anthropology project “The Declining Trend of Child Support Cases in Monterey County, California: An Ethnographic Study Exploring the Dynamics of Case Closures.”

Megan LeGresley earned second place in science, engineering, and mathematics for “Nature’s Games: Will the Global Medical Community Triumph over Zika Virus?” And Christopher Phan receive second place in the arts, humanities, and social sciences for “Music as Mental Medicine.”

Unparalleled opportunities to participate in and conduct high-level research set the UCLA undergraduate experience apart, and the Library provides essential resources and research services to students in all disciplines. Generously supported by an endowment established by Ruth Simon, former UCLA campus counsel, the Library prize recognizes and honors excellence in UCLA undergraduate research.