Research Assistant Resource Update: Access Medicine

Imagine this. You’re given the question, “What are the muscles that make up the left forearm?” Even with all our accumulated knowledge, this question might trip us up. Luckily, there’s an excellent online tool that might be useful.

Nestled subtly within the depths of Access Medicine’s Multimedia Tools, there exists a powerful program called “Human Anatomy Modules.” The modules are pretty straightforward: You can dissect the human body into individual systems within a quasi-3D view, and you can click on every physiological structure ever catalogued to learn their secrets. For example, zooming in on the left forearm while viewing the muscular system will show you the names of each muscle as you click on them, answering the random hypothetical question that initiated this exploration.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Access Medicine is an online collection of books and tools pertaining to health and medicine. Access Medicine offers Case Studies, Study Tools, Drug Information, and Multimedia Modules (of which the Human Anatomy Modules are one).

Check out the wondrous Homo Sapien physiology, courtesy of Access Medicine.

Screenshot of Access Medicine Human Anatomy Model presenting left forearm

By: Khuzaima Rangwalla, Sciences Research Assistant