Ogawa Recognized by Medical Library Association

Rikke Ogawa headshotThe Medical Library Association (MLA) recently announced their 2020 awards recognizing distinguished service to MLA and to health sciences librarianship. Formal award presentations will take place in August 2020 at the rescheduled annual meeting in Portland, Oregon.

Rikke Ogawa, director of the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library and Science and Engineering Library, was a recipient of the President's Award, given annually to members who have made a notable or important contribution which has enhanced health sciences librarianship or furthered the objectives of MLA. Ogawa and her fellow committee members on the Communities Strategic Goal Task Force (CSGTF) were selected for the honor by the association's officers and Board of Directors. As chair of the CSTF, Ogawa led her colleagues in a charge to develop a new organizational structure to increase membership and engagement with the association, a three year process. Ogawa then merged onto the Communities Transition Team, whose job was to implement the structural changes as decided by the Board.

To find out more about this achievement, we asked Rikke a few questions about the award.

How has your experience at the UCLA library contributed to you receiving this award?

UCLA Library is all about teamwork. We work hard on partnering with others on campus and within the library to make great things happen to support research, teaching and service at our university. With this background experience and a group of extremely supportive colleagues, I was able to lead a team of medical librarian colleagues who helped revitalize the Medical Library Association and lay the foundation of a major structural change. 

How will this impact your work at the UCLA Library?

This work for MLA was happening at the same time as UCLA Library was also restructuring our public services into the new User Engagement group. It was a lot of change all at once, but the skills that I was using in the MLA work about change management and consensus building were able to be applied in the UCLA Library changes as well.

What is next for you?

As for MLA, I'm going to take a little break. Five years of services towards one major organizational restructuring has been a lot of work. It required a significant level of emotional investment. UCLA Library-wise, I'm part of the Public Services Escalation Leads Group for our new UC system-wide integrated library system implementation. That's going to be a really fun project!

Please join us in congratulating Rikke on being awarding the 2020 President's Award from the Medical Library Association. We are delighted to have Rikke at the UCLA Library and she can be contacted at rikke.ogawa@library.ucla.edu.