Nominate a Librarian for the 2018 LAUC-LA Librarian of the Year Award!

Has a UCLA librarian had a major impact on a course you teach? Has a librarian gone above and beyond to further your research? Has a librarian been a creative partner in one of your initiatives or other projects? This is your chance to recognize this librarian's work!

The Librarians Association of the University of California, Los Angeles (LAUC-LA) invites nominations for its 2018 Librarian of the Year Award. The deadline for nominations is Friday, March 9, 2018.

This award recognizes excellence in librarianship that furthers the teaching and research mission of UCLA and responds to the intellectual, informational, and cultural needs of the university community. The librarian’s achievement could be demonstrated by partnerships with faculty to create assignments, workshops, or other instructional content; collaboration with researchers to complete a research project; a significant professional achievement; the creation of a new library program or service; major contributions to a university-wide initiative; outstanding original research; leadership at a national or international level; outreach to the community; LAUC participation; service to the library profession; or exceptional engagement with students, faculty, and other library users. Candidates should embody one or more of the following:

• creativity

• innovation

• courage

• leadership

• scholarship

A candidate should be nominated for a specific contribution made during the past twelve to eighteen months (2016-18), rather than for overall career achievement. All UCLA librarians employed fifty percent time or more can be nominated.

To submit a nomination, please use the online nomination form at <>.

Successful nominations include:

• Letters of support from faculty, staff, or other librarians; and/or

• Student testimonials

Note: Letters and testimonials should describe the author’s experience with nominee and the librarian's impact on the author’s work and/or the university.

Optional documentation to include, as applicable:

• Websites related to the nominee’s work

• Citations to publications

• Descriptions of research

• Media coverage

To read about the previous recipients and their accomplishments, please see the LAUC-LA website at <>.

The award winner will be announced and the award presented at the 2018 LAUC-LA Spring Membership Meeting. Following this announcement, the committee will send a letter to each nominee regarding their consideration for this award, with a summary of points supporting the nomination.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Bethany Myers at 310-794-2030 or <>.


Librarian of the Year Award Committee:

·         Robert Gore

·         Bethany Myers, chair

·         Hermine Vermeij

·         Faculty Representative: Susan Cochran, Professor of Epidemiology


LAUC is the University of California’s primary organization for professional librarian and governance affairs.