New Visualization of Library Collections by Language

Graphic showing relative size of Library collections by language.The UCLA Library has always known it has collections in many languages (over 400!), but exact statistics have been hard to come by, requiring customized reports from the UCLA Library Catalog.

To make the numbers more visible and available, Library staff took a 2015 snapshot from the Catalog and imported it into Tableau Public, an online data visualization tool. Some highlights: 

Top Five

English 4,331,234
German 453,089
Spanish 400,906
French 384,006
Chinese 205,348

The Classics

Latin 52,498
Turkish, Ottoman 3,594
Sanskrit 3,287
Greek, Ancient (to 1453) 2,212
French, Middle (ca. 1300-1600) 706

The 10 List (exactly ten items in the collection)

Pampanga 10
Kru (Other) 10
Frisian 10
Fang 10
Duala 10

You can see the full visualization at the original site or in our research guides.