New Licensed Resources: SAE Technical Papers Archive and Smart Grid Research

UCLA now has access to the SAE Technical Papers Archive, 1906-1997.

SAE International

Content in this resource allows users at these four campuses access to the approximately 52,876 fulltext technical papers, from 1906-1997 in an easily searchable and browsable interface.   Searchers of the SAE Technical Papers, 1906-1997 can limit their results to any or all of the four archive segments (1906-1963, 1964-1979, 1980-1989, and 1990-1997) in addition to current technical papers (1998-present).

This scholarly literature is reflective of the scientific findings conducted by automotive and aerospace engineers in academic, government and industrial sectors worldwide.

UCLA also now has access to Smart Grid Research: Connected Homes – Impact of Smart Grid on Connected Homes Landmark Research Study on the IEEE Xplore platform.

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About Smart Grid Research: In 2012, CABA (Continental Automated Buildings Association) conducted the Impact of Smart Grid on Connected Homes Landmark Research study with the objective of greatly improving the understanding of residential Smart Grid development and deployment in terms of: identifying market demand and growth areas for new products; comparing competing product strategies and communication of competitors; determining product preferences for end-users; developing messaging that resonates with the target audience; defining critical success factors to expand product offerings to end-user markets; and establishing a market approach and foundation for strategic decision-making efforts.

If you need help with these resources, please contact a science and engineering librarian.

*Please note that these resources are available to anyone using computers on the UCLA campus.  Off-campus access is restricted to the UCLA community using either the Bruin Online Proxy Server or the UCLA VPN Client.